“This Man Stops By Woods On a Snowy Eve… You Won’t BELIEVE What Happens Next!”
by Robert Frost

“I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud — Until This Dog’s Instagram Gave My Life Meaning!”
by William Wordsworth

“First I Was Like ‘Who Cares About a Grecian Urn?’ But By the End I Was in TEARS
by John Keats

“13 Genius Tricks for Looking at a ­­­Blackbird… By #5 I Was Hooked… By #13 I Was Totally BLOWN AWAY!!”
by Wallace Stevens

“This Poem and Breaking Bad Have One Thing in Common — And It’s Not What You’d Expect!”
by Percy Shelly

“‘Hope’ is the Thing With Feathers. Wait Till You See What Perches in the Soul!”
by Emily Dickinson

“What Happens to a Dream Deferred? The Answer Will SHOCK YOU!”
by Langston Hughes

“28,000 Things Only People Who Are LARGE and Contain MULTITUDES Will Understand”
by Walt Whitman

“What Elizabeth Bishop Does to This Fish Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity”
by Elizabeth Bishop

“The one about PLUMS
by William Carlos Williams

“First He Saw the Best Minds of His Generation Destroyed by Madness, But What He Does at 3:14 Changes EVERYTHING
by Allen Ginsberg

“(NSFW!!!) If You Think This Coyness Were No Crime Just Wait Until You Hear What One Man Has to Say About Time’s Winged Chariot”
by Andrew Marvell

“I Got the ’Bread and the Knife!!”: Take This Quiz to Find Out Which Things Billy Collins Thinks You Are”
by Billy Collins

“You’ll Never Believe What Was Coming Up and Up the Stairs!
by Sylvia Plath

“We Real Cool… and You Can Be Too After These 5 Easy Tricks”
by Gwendolyn Brooks

“We Should All Go Gentle Into That Good Night, Right? Here’s 10 Reasons Why You’re Dead Wrong”
by Dylan Thomas