At the dinner table after meeting your partners’ parents for the first time

In the middle of a movie theater, right as the title drops

At Bobby Vans, when asked what you want to drink

In a public restroom, with whoever is in the stall next to you

By your grandpa’s deathbed

When the officer asks you to step out of the car

At your grandpa’s funeral

With the Mariachi Band that just stepped onto the subway

In the afterlife with your grandpa

In the courtroom, as you wait for your bail to be set

At the supermarket with the cashier

At a job interview, when asked where you see yourself in 5 years.

At a PTA meeting

At a celebrity meet and greet with Tom Selleck

At a panel discussion on the values of capitalism

When you answer the door and it’s the Jehovah Witnesses

With the opposing coach at your son’s first tee-ball game

In a traffic jam, with the driver in the car next to you

During a half marathon, with everyone that passes you

In your nightly prayers

At the New Amsterdam Theatre, during the Wednesday matinee showing of Aladdin

With the busser at China Fun Buffet

In the court of Qin Shi Huang