The Tax Code: Jesus gets audited; is cleared of all charges on the third day.

The Source Code: Jesus tracks down software pirates among the Pharisees.

The Bar Code: Jesus uses the self-checkout lane; has difficulty scanning.

The Security Code: Jesus breaks into some houses; takes nothing, leaves love and understanding.

The Penal Code: Jesus in jail, again.

The Zip Code: Jesus mails a letter to the Pope; the Pope thinks it’s junk mail and throws it out; history changes forever.

The Genetic Code: The alleged illegitimate child of Jesus sues for patrimony.

The Enigma Code: The story of the Nazis’ “unbreakable” code. (Jesus not involved.)

The Health Code: Jesus gets mild food poisoning; is treated and released.

The Ethics Code: Jesus retracts the line “And blessed are the lawyers.”

The Area Code: Jesus changes his cell-phone company after too many dropped calls from His Dad.

The Municipal Code: Jesus is told to get the broken-down car out of his yard, or else pay a fine.