“My Wings Feel a Stirring of Air Beneath Them. Is That Air You? Methinks Yes”

“I Have Looked for Quite Some Time, but, Alas, the Object of My Search Has Eluded Me”

“Caroline, You Are Delectable”

“Baby, You Hit Me Once, and When You Did, All I Could Think Was That I Would Relish Your Doing It Once More”

“It Is Morning and You Are Glorious, but I Am Still Unclear About What the Story Is”

“I Have a Primate Made of Copper and Zinc”

“Up There, Where the Clouds Are, Is Lucy, With Her Precious Carbon-Based Gemstones That Required Extreme Pressure and Temperatures of More Than 2,192 Degrees Fahrenheit to Become What They Are”

“It Is Impossible for You, or Anyone Else for That Matter, to Purchase Love For or From Me”

“Hey. What’s Up? It’s London”