“Michael Row the Damn Boat Faster, They’re Gaining On Us”

“Oh My God, They’ll Be Coming ’Round The Mountain Soon”

“He’s Got a Whole Femur In His Hands”

“The Scent of Decaying Flesh is Blowing In the Wind”

“The Hills are Alive, Sweet Jesus They’re Crawling With Infecteds!”

“If I Had a Hammer I’d Throw It at That Big Shuffling Dude’s Head”

“Then I Saw Her Putrefied Face, Now I’m a Believer”

“O My Darling Clementine, Please Don’t Eat Me”

“’Tis A Gift To Be Simple, ’Tis a Gift to Stumble Across a Fully Stocked Armory”

“Sixteen Tons of Ammo Ought to Get Us Through the Week”

“The Wheels On the Bus Make Pretty Good Gun Emplacements

“Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Heckler-Koch .45-Caliber Bolt-Action Rifle”

“Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Should All Be Incinerated”

“Down By The Old Mill Stream You’ll Find the Helipad”

“I’ll Fly Away As Soon As I Find a Plane to Steal”

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow I Hear There’s a Safe Zone”