From: Susiexoxo
Subject: Hey there!

Heysexyhow’s it going? I’m looking to HAVEFUN with you right now. Let’s go plug in that PLAYstation and do a season on MADDEN! I’ve been practicing ALL NIGHT, and I’m going to beat your ASS! Msg me back for some hot fun.

- - -

From: Lollypoplover
Subject: I’ve got something for you …

Oh, look what I’ve done to my pretty new dress! It looks like that nacho platter I was making spilled all over my lap. If only someone could lick this hot Monterey Jack off of me … or you can use one of the chips. Yeah, right there is perfect. Why don’t you come to my site and see what I’ve got waiting in the oven for you?? I’ll give you a hint … it’s got Buffalo sauce!

- - -

From: Xhibitionist
Subject: It’s been a long time

Are you all by yourself tonight baby? I just bought a new webcam, and it’s all set up and ready to go. Click here if you want to watch the Mets game tonight, or if you like, I’ve still got March Madness on my TiVo. Is my head in the way baby? I’ll move it. Last words that cum out of my mouth, I promise.

- - -

From: Lucy Clothesless
Subject: What’s up?

I’m looking for a hot man in my life. But realistically, I think my personality meshes better with someone more average, so I can be the really attractive one in the relationship. You know, someone who’s really good at Frolf and boasts an encyclopedic knowledge of Arnold Schwarzenegger movie quotes. Are you that someone? Click here to meet me.

- - -

From: Boredhousewife
Subject: Plans for tonight?

I’m sitting all by myself at home, and I’m sooooo bored. I was thinking about inviting some of my friends over for some fun. You’ll be playing poker with your friends tonight, right? OK, we’ll probably just watch Grey’s Anatomy and go to sleep early. Have fun!