1. How Jody learns not to be afraid of the ball. (Catcher with a Glass Arm)

2. What happens when Chico tries too hard to win at baseball and make friends. (Baseball Flyhawk)

3. A chance encounter with a former big league utility infielder reminds Shane that he shouldn’t bet his future on his ability to play any infield position. (Mr. Noboa and Me)

4. The story of a shy boy who learns to play hard and fast basketball. (Break for the Basket)

5. A boy learns that playing team football is different from rough-and-tumble. (Touchdown for Tommy)

6. Getting his cornrows taken out makes Carl feel less streetwise. (Tough Guy in the Pivot)

7. About Kim, who was called a sissy and blamed when the team lost. (Basketball Sparkplug)

8. Jimmie wanted to pitch and thought he could because he was captain. (Baseball Pals)

9. The rest of the team thinks Gabor is a sissy because of his soccer-style placekicking. (Hungarian in a Helmet)