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Notwithstanding that you almost certainly did not intend to ask to be removed from our newsletter mailing list, and that your name and address will for the foreseeable future remain on our mailing list as a courtesy to you, if you think that you might be tempted to consider unsubscribing for real at some point in the future, please tell us which of the following reasons will have influenced your decision:

• Newsletter too interesting

• Newsletter too informative

• Newsletter makes all other newsletters seem inadequate

• Newsletter obviously intended for people better than me

• Newsletter not delivered frequently enough

(We apologize in advance, but we will be unable to consider any theoretical future requests to unsubscribe without a completed questionnaire on file.)

Some newsletter providers view a request to unsubscribe as a negative thing—a personal slight. We appreciate that a request to unsubscribe is nothing of the sort—it’s “just business,” after all, and it’s likely also “ill-advised.” But you might be trying to tell us something… and you should know that we hear you! And if you had a newsletter in which you wrote about how we could offer you more useful products, services, and newsletters, we’d probably read it. (Please do not send us your newsletter. Any newsletters sent to this email address will be deleted unread. All email addresses from which we receive newsletters will be added to our newsletter mailing list.)

As a token of our appreciation for your request to be removed from our newsletter mailing list, we have taken the liberty of adding you to a second mailing list of ours. You will soon begin to receive an online catalog of additional newsletters that we put out, any or all of which you can sign up to get to at no cost whatever. Enjoy! We thank you sincerely for attempting to unsubscribe. And you’re very welcome.