Room 1: Spooky accordion file folder with unopened letters from the IRS

Room 2: Jump scare when younger brother bursts into the room asking for a small loan “just until things settle down”

Room 3: Eerie empty gin bottle and three emails you don’t remember sending

Room 4: Ghastly conversation about why the Addams family can afford a pool but it’s probably not in the cards this year

Room 5: The Exercisist

Room 6: Spine-chilling wait at the DMV with 2 percent cell phone battery

Room 7: Unnerving phone call coming from inside the house from your father who has moved into the in-law unit and wants to know why none of the kids go to church

Room 8: Bloodcurdling small talk in the break room with the one guy who always seems to be in the break room

Room 9: Very, very scary splitting of the check when one of the couples didn’t order any booze

Room 10: Frightening scenes from being forced to stay out past midnight

Room 11: Nightmarish exit into the parking lot where your body and everything you know and care about slowly decays forever until you die