Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Childless Colleague Who Was Promoted after a Year

Nancy Drew and the Twin Mysteries of Who Exactly Is Emma P. and Why Does She Want a Recommendation Letter from Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew and the Sneaking Suspicion She was Granted an Interview for That Tenured Position Only Because of Equal Opportunity Employer Regulations

Nancy Drew and the Case of the Ghost Student Who Never Attends Class but Also Never Drops

Nancy Drew and the Troubling Clue of the Dean’s Continual Inability to Remember Her Specialty, Rank, Department, or Name

Nancy Drew and the Phantom of Guaranteed Non-Tenure Track Stream Employment

Nancy Drew and the Puzzle of the Colleague Who Somehow Negotiated a 0/0 Course Load and Lives Full-Time in Bahrain

Nancy Drew and the Pressing Need to Be Moved Out of the Classroom with a Non-Working Thermostat, a Broken Podium, and a Blinking Fluorescent Light, Which Also Happens to Be Next to the Active Construction Site Where Nancy’s University is Building a New Sports Center, Due to Be Completed in 2027, Which Costs Approximately 500,000 Times Nancy Drew’s Salary.

Nancy Drew and the Mystery of Why Some Professors Have Paid Research Assistants While Others Are Stuck with a Cranky Work-Study Student Who Doesn’t Care Much for Girl Academics

Nancy Drew and the Quest to Figure Out Whether It Was Branden, Brandon, Brayden, Branton, Bransen, or Dylan Who Asked for a Permission Number?

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Message Behind Being Assigned Both an 8 a.m. and an 8 p.m. Class on Tuesdays

Nancy Drew and the Unknowable Difference Between Letters of Support and Letters of Recommendation and Letters of Interest and Letters of Notification and Letters That Go into Nancy Drew’s File

Nancy Drew and the Unavoidable Trap of the Academic Calendar’s Extremely Generous Eighteen Weeks Off a Year

Nancy Drew and the Incident of the Thank You Note from Just One Student That Somehow Redeemed the Entire Semester