A lot of people ask me, “How did you come up with Truck Nutz?” Well, it was easy.

One day, I was looking in the mirror. I didn’t have any pants on and I was staring at my nuts. I thought, What if trucks had nuts?

“I think that’d be great,” I told myself.

I also thought it’d be cool to see my nuts on stuff.

So, I wrote down my idea on a scrap piece of paper—TRUCKS SHOULD HAVE NUTS—and I let it sit in my idea drawer for a little bit. A few weeks later, I still felt the same: I want to put nuts on trucks.

But would putting nuts on something else be better?

This is when I really had to question my original idea to make sure it was solid. Should trees have human nuts? No. They’re not mobile enough. And trees kind of already have nuts.

What if a boat had nuts? Boat nuts would be underwater too much. Not visible. Wouldn’t make sense.

Should squirrels have human-sized nuts? To me, that was just more of a funny idea that I should keep to my friends and myself.

So, I settled on trucks having nuts. And then I changed the “s” in “nuts” to a “z.”

Now I sell fake nut sacks called Truck Nutz for trucks across the country.

I think Truck Nutz works as a product because the nutz look like real nuts, but they’re on trucks and not on a guy, which is extra funny, because only guys are supposed to have nuts.

Now, there have been many rip offs—Truck Ballz, Dodge Durango Danglers, Truck Naddies, Ball Bumpers, Scrotum Swingers, Snake Eggs, Truck Berries, Vehicular Testiculars. But you’ll know a pair of true Truck Nutz when you see them because they’ll look like my nuts, because I was inspired by my nuts to make Truck Nutz. If you’ve seen a pair of Truck Nutz, you’ve seen my nuts. If you seen my nuts, you’ve seen a pair of Truck Nutz.

That’s important to remember when people ask how I came up with Truck Nutz. My nuts came up with Truck Nutz.

And then I changed an “s” to a “z.”