The thirst after happiness is never extinguished in the heart of man at the city’s hottest condominium development. The eyes of the philosopher as well as the man of the world have turned to The Sturm und Drang Towers, where the spaces optimize open-concept living and remake civilization by the liberating force of the aesthetic function.  
The great destiny of mankind will play itself out in these stunning glass towers, which are just minutes away from the fashion district and well-served by public transit. Nightmarish scenes and troubling personal emotions are violently expressed in the elevator banks and proto-Romantic lobby. Reflections in the stainless steel kitchen appliances and espresso colored cabinets serve as reminders that individuality is not tempered by rationalism.

Sip signature cocktails with hip urbanites in the rooftop bar or take shade under the linden trees with highly sensitive young men. Watch ferocious lightening storms raging over the lake. Let us pamper you in the spa, where the good is beautiful and man is free.

Have we gone too far in this portraiture of these condominiums? We do not anticipate this stricture, but rather, another—that we have proved too much by it.

The Immanuel

Reason and experience unite at The Immanuel, a world-class boutique building where the city’s most discerning denizens practice the art of judgment.

Trust is fundamental to the relationship of respect between residents of The Immanuel. Surveillance cameras, a computer-controlled access system, and an encoded suite intrusion alarm provide further peace of mind.

The Immanuel creates the conditions of possibility. Exercise free and proper reason in the luxurious meeting rooms and special event spaces. Make observations on the feeling of the beautiful and sublime in the landscaped water garden. Experience transcendental idealism in the perpetual peace of your Riverbed Tile bathroom. Submit the on-request housekeeping and concierge service to critical review. At the Immanuel, aesthetic experience is an exercise of rational mentality.

Go ahead. We don’t make false promises. At The Immanuel, the judgment of taste truly ascribes assent to everyone.

Zeitgeist on the Park

Zeitgeist on the Park announces the conceptual and cultural environment of our time. The forty-eight story tinted glass structure articulates the unfolding of the spirit of the age and actualizes the mass unconscious with a passion you can recognize from the sidewalk.

Zeitgeist on the Park understands that to be independent of public opinion is the first formal condition of achieving anything great or rational. The cunning of reason was employed to create these condominium residences. A mixture of lacquer and wood strives to elevate the singular into universal truth. Nowhere is this more apparent than the bathrooms, where a sunken bathtub and recessed pot lighting create a tranquil ambiance that engenders systemic meditation to determine modes of consciousness. Granite breakfast bars with ample storage and built-in appliances maximize counter space and announce the spirit of man has broken with the old order of things prevailing. Plus on-call valet service, because to impose on oneself is a stage beyond hypocrisy.

It has been said that the universal cost thousands of years to enter the consciousness of men. Enter it every day at Zeitgeist on the Park,

Übermensch Lofts

Savvy city-dwellers are discovering that a converted waterfront button factory is the perfect antidote to the nihilism of the modern world. The Übermensch Lofts are for the man who knows life is too fleeting and finite to wait for paradise. He creates a system of values more suited to his needs and distinguishes himself from the herd by ruling over three-thousand-square feet of prime loft conversion. Original massive pillars and eighteen-foot ceilings make plain his transcendent superiority. Visitor parking and polished concrete floors inspire a ruthless warrior pride.

The true man wants two things: danger and play. He pushes his workouts beyond human strength, challenges society’s ingrained values in the whirlpool and sauna, and kicks back in the ultra-sleek party room.

Constant updates and renovations ensure the lofts remain in a continual state of improvement and reinvention. State-of-the-art electronics and innovative technology put the refrigerators and stoves in a league of their own. Kitchens and bathrooms are designed with egalitarian modernity and energy-saving fluorescent under-cabinet lighting. To sin against the earth is now the most dreadful thing. 

Now is the time when man must ask himself if he wishes to recede from civilization and go back to the beasts or overcome man at the Übermensch Lofts.