The train will arrive when you are ready for it to arrive. A sage does not will the train to arrive of her own desire.

The sage does not look endlessly into the tunnel, but realizes it will come of its own accord. Only when her will is purged and as still as a single drop of water within the placid lake, will the tunnel be lighted with two bright lights of destiny.

In straining ears to hear the announcement, the announcement will be masked. In wanting to hear, we are unable to hear.

The sage trusts her instincts to reach her destination. If a sign tells her of service changes, she would be wise to study it closely.

If the doors close before footsteps can reach it, perhaps the door could never be reached.

When a limb holds a closed door open, the tao is unbalanced. Best to keep the flow of the tao un-encumbered and the conductor un-pissed.

There is no person who is not clean who has not sat in your seat. No matter which seat you choose, it is unclean. When everyone is unclean, cleanliness ceases to exist.

The subway seat does not empty at your bidding. By using the “act without action” principle, everything just falls into place.

The ways of the people are both mysterious and profound. At their most mysterious and profound point lies the “Eating of Fast Food” while in transit.

The crowded car produces the banal and the excessive. Words violate the tranquility of the journey. Better to keep your thoughts inside you. Those who know do not speak, those who speak, do not know.

Who can wait quietly for rats to be cleared and urine to be purged?

Who can continue to calmly ride, when train traffic is ahead?