1. Rush Limbaugh reads Johnny Tremain: An Audiobook.

2. The Mitch McConnell Holiday Nutcracker – comes with sack of hand-picked Obamanuts.*

*Variety based on availability.

3. Adam and Everest: Putting Christ Back Into Outdoor Sports: A Photo Journal by Adam Kinzinger.

4. Ann Coulter halter-top.

5. Fili-Busterz!® – a winner-take-all quiz game for the whole family.

6. “Grand Old Party” elephant tea cozy.

7. Unexpected Love: Putting Your Baby’s Life First, and Embracing the Lord’s Plan by Bristol Palin, with forward by Christine O’Donnell.

8. “Mama Grizzly ‘n’ Me” matching rifle sight and make-up mirror set.

9. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

10. Palin-Libs® – a fun, fill-in-the-fake-word game for childerns.

11. 6 oz. 100% pure Glenn Beck chalk dust (oblivion marching powder).

12. Vel-cro shoes.