Monday – Your Online Identity

Foursquare? For Shame!: The Joy of Privacy

Oh Snap!(chat): The Tragic Consequences of Social Media

Confronting the Friend Who Tags You in Everything

Why YOU Should Shelfie the Selfie

Tuesday – Your Relationships

“I’m Going to Spring Bible Camp!”: Mistruths Parents Recognize

He’s NOT Just Hangin’ With His Bros: Decoding Your Boyfriend

“I’m Not Religious, But I Am Spiritual” and Other Common Courtship Lies

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Wednesday – Your Dignity

How to Keep Your Shirt Dry

Hands-Off Ways to “Get Jiggy”

No One is the “Ugly Friend”

Why Your “Number” Matters

Thursday – Your Health

Kool-Aid Keg Stands, Root Beer Pong, and Other Nifty Alternatives

Eco-Friendly Spray Tans: Healthy, Sustainable Color

“Does This Look Infected?”: Seaside Tattoo Shacks and You

Contraceptives: From Plan A to Plan B

Friday – Your Future

“Spring Break Travel Debt Doesn’t Count, Right?”: Understanding Your FICO Score

“Bosses Can’t Google Search”: Misconceptions About Employers

“Should I Add My Illegitimate Baby to My LinkedIn Profile?": Preventable Career Concerns

“My Kids Found ‘Those’ Pictures”: A Panel of Parental Perspectives