My sister’s baby

Definitely wouldn’t bring my sister’s baby. That would be so unwise, so I can confidently say I wouldn’t bring them. That’s a good choice, right? Because then I’d have to bring the baby plus all the baby supplies. And I’d have the added difficulty of having to take care of the baby while also trying to survive myself—too many moving parts. Also, the baby doesn’t have any helpful survival skills like hunting, fishing, constructing shelters, etc. So pretty much just a total liability.

My Switch

Totally impractical. Like, yeah, maybe fun, but probably not something I would put in my top three if somebody asked, right? Like that would be embarrassingly wrong?


I want to say no? Or, wait, maybe yes? I’ll put a pin in this one for a moment. Forget I mentioned it.

Bubble gum

Haha, that would be so stupid. Unless you’re some sort of bubblegum whiz, who can construct almost anything out of bubblegum? But, alas, that’s not me. So, pass.

A true-to-life wax sculpture of Bill Clinton

Even though seeing a human face while stranded alone would probably be good for my mental health, the wax would melt pretty quickly. And wax sculptures can’t talk, so it wouldn’t be actual human company. And even if it could talk, I’m not sure Bill Clinton would be my first choice of conversation partner. Like, I’d definitely choose a wax sculpture of Ariana Grande or Marie Antoinette over Bill Clinton. I’d honestly probably just stay away from wax sculptures entirely—I’ve never really seen the appeal. Also, it could be scary waking up in the middle of the night to see a half-melted Bill Clinton standing over me. Also, I’m pretty sure Madame Tussauds doesn’t rent those out? Could make for a good Instagram post, though. Wait, should I be bringing my phone?

A bunch of loose printer paper

What the hell would I even do with that? No.

Bug spray

This one feels tempting, but ultimately it’s a no. I can just swim around in the water to get away from bugs. And I need to save the three items I would bring for things that are really smart and good, and that would impress a Reddit thread filled with top-notch survivalists out for my metaphorical blood, like Band-Aids or a big knife or something. Don’t hold me to those, though, because, like I said, I don’t know which three things I would bring, only that bug spray is probably not one of them.


This one is laughably incorrect! No qualms at all about leaving this one behind. It’s not even my favorite pasta dish, let alone my favorite food. I don’t know if people even say that any sort of food is a good thing to bring. But if it is, I would absolutely bring a gourmet hot dog, or even cheese tortellini over ravioli.

Extra underwear

So, from what I gather, you get to wear clothes when you go to this island in addition to bringing three other things. And the general consensus is to just stick with what you’re originally wearing, right? Like dress for the weather and all that, but no need to pack extra clothes. Especially when you can just wear like six pairs of underwear so you’ll have extra anyway. That’s actually a pretty good loophole—there are no rules against that, right?

A couple hundred big balloons

I know what you’re thinking: “But this would make a great getaway device to fly away from the island and save yourself!” Well, I’m not falling for the Up scenario that everyone wants you to believe. I’m pretty sure I saw a YouTube video explaining why a bunch of balloons physically couldn’t lift a house, so I’m not really ready to bet my life on that plan. Up is a children’s film, not real life—I know that now. Plus, it kind of feels like cheating to choose “a couple hundred” balloons as one of your three items. So, even though everyone on Reddit thought Charles2 was super clever for thinking of this, I thought it was unfair and, if attempted in real life, Charles2 would die.


I saw someone say they’d bring this once, and I couldn’t believe how dumb they were being. Every Reddit thread I’ve ever read suggests bringing this as your fourth or even fifth thing, but definitely not top three—I would never choose something so obviously not top three. Okay, maybe, at one point in my life, I might have chosen this one, but I was naïve back then. I’m older now, smarter. I won’t let the cruel, anti-hammock comments in a Reddit thread from two years ago determine my self-worth. Everyone was like, “Really? A hammock? That’s in your top three?” and “What else are you going to bring? A cooking pot?” Honestly, I couldn’t tell whether that was supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing, but it felt mean-spirited. They made me feel so bad and embarrassed and like a total survival novice—never again. I will rule out every possible embarrassing answer until I hone in on the elusive and objectively correct top three answers. This shall be my life’s work, the achievement upon which I stake my name and my reputation. I will not fail.

A bunch of batteries

Uh… I don’t know, maybe? Like maybe battery juice is good for something on an island? I’ll google it.