AITA for giving my child the yogurt she asked for?

I (43/m) gave my daughter (2/f) the yogurt she requested repeatedly, and she had a meltdown as if I committed some horrible, cruel offense. I feel like giving her the yogurt was the good and right thing to do since she loves yogurt, nearly always eats it, and literally asked for it seven times in a row before I gave it to her, but AITA?

- - -

AITA for not letting my toddler fall backward down a flight of stairs?

I (33/f) followed my daughter (1.5/f) up the stairs in our house with my hands out so that if she fell backward, I would catch her. She turned and screamed, “no mama, no mama, NOOOOOO!” and tried to swat me repeatedly. Then she burst into tears. AITA for trying to keep her from the emergency room?

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AITA for not helping my son create our own, professional-quality hour-long Dinosaur Train movie with only our colored pencils and an iPad?

My (37/m) son (5/m) loves drawing with colored pencils, and he loves Dinosaur Train. After I foolishly explained that cartoons are just lots of drawings shown one after another in quick succession, he thought it would be fun to make a Dinosaur Train movie. I explained how hard that would be. I quickly worked it out that it would require drawing about 15,000 full-color pictures, plus more work for the audio, and I explained that even making a few minutes of a cartoon would probably take months of hard work, if not years. And that beyond that, we don’t have the kind of technology to make it look real. He said, “Great, let’s do it.” I explained it to him again. He still wanted to do it. So I painstakingly drew my best (terrible) drawing of a dinosaur in black pencil, took a picture, erased a little piece and drew it slightly differently, took another picture, etc., until I had about 15 of these. I showed him the 3 seconds of cartoon that emerged from that. He had a meltdown and screamed that it didn’t look good enough. AITA for not being a professional cartoon maker with my own studio-quality technology and the time to handcraft a feature-length version of my son’s favorite show?

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AITA for not removing all of the lumps from the marinara?

I (36/M) try really hard to ensure that my daughter’s (4/f) tomato sauce is lump-free as it goes onto her pasta. Most times pouring it through a slotted spoon seems to work. One time last week, though, a lump somehow made it through, apparently along with The Devil Himself. Because she screamed like a chorus of demons. AITA for not ensuring the marinara is 100-percent liquid with no structures that could be seen without an electron microscope?

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AITA for washing my hands before my son did even though he repeatedly refused to wash his hands?

I (35/f) repeatedly tried to get my son (3/m) to wash his hands before snack, and he adamantly refused. Because we were short on time, I washed my hands first. This was apparently a mortal offense. You probably heard the screaming. It was yesterday afternoon around 3:45 p.m. Eastern time, in case you are reading this in Central or Mountain Time. Apparently, the only acceptable state of affairs was one where he both did not wash his hands and washed his hands first. So, I am asking you, AITA for not following mutually exclusive demands and for generally staying within the parameters of the space-time continuum? Thanks in advance.