Mocha chocolate
Is all over my apron
I need a new one

Manager Brian
Doesn’t think it looks that bad
But what does he know?

Last week I saw him
Make himself three free lattes
And hide in the back

I never get to
Use my art degree to make
Funny latte art

Brian thinks that it’s
“Inappropriate” to draw
Penises in foam

Today a woman
Told me her coffee was cold
So I tested it

Then she got all mad
Because I “drank her coffee”
Which I guess was bad

But I was tired
And the line was out the door
And Brian got mad

So now I’m cashier
Which feels like a punishment
Cause it’s wintertime

And everyone likes
Hot beverages suddenly
The door never shuts

So it gets drafty
And I make minimum wage
Which also feels wrong

I’m not sure if I’m
Writing haikus the right way
But it’s an outlet

And I need one to
Find some sanity in here
Shit, my break’s over