1. You ordered a soy milk dry cappuccino.

2. You asked if a finished drink was yours LITERALLY seconds after you ordered.

3. You asked for a quarter-pump of sugar-free vanilla syrup.

4. You took another person’s drink then complained that it wasn’t what you ordered.

5. You drank three-fourths of your drink before complaining that it wasn’t what you ordered.

6. You demanded that one-percent milk be made by combining skim and two-percent.

7. Your name is Barbara and when you heard the name Carl you asked, “Is that mine???”

8. Your name was called 17 times before you picked up your drink. And then you complained that it was cold.

9. You said, “Sorry I know you’re closing but…” and then continued to order.

10. You ordered a half-caff single shot espresso.

11. You over-pronounced “caffé macchiato.”

12. You generally acted like service industry workers are sub-human.

13. You ordered a whole-milk no-foam cappuccino.