Lululemon is delighted to announce the launch of our collaboration with Malaysian Child Labor. This popup collection, a six-piece exercise set available only in stores, will give a whole new meaning to the phrase “Sweatshop.”

We believe philanthropy should be like putting on a sports bra with no intention of going to the gym — you should be able to feel good without accomplishing anything meaningful. That’s why every piece in this collection comes with our one-for-one promise: For every tank top you buy, we will send you a stock photo of a child in need.

Our designers wanted to create more than a clothing line. The lululemon x MCL collection strives to provide you with an authentic Malaysian experience. In your CrossFit class, feel just like an assembly-line worker as you struggle to perform menial tasks. In yoga class, you too can assume child’s pose in a 95°F room and spend most of your time daydreaming about food.

Quality. Integrity. Craftsmanship. These are all nouns that have nothing to do with the new collection. Our inspiration for the line includes trite motivational phrases, Nike, stale rice crackers, and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Lululemon was built on the core principle that the most transparent part of our company should be our leggings; we’re proud to continue this tradition with dance shorts so thin you might mistake them for one of our employees.

If you believe that rewards come to those that work hard, but also define thirty minutes of glorified stretching as “hard work,” then this is the collection for you. All of our luluminaries know that exercising your wallet is just as fulfilling as exercising your body.

The lululemon x MCL collection is for the women and men who are courageous enough to stand out from the crowd — by wearing the exact same thing as everyone else at their studio. Don’t be a slave to fashion. We hire eight-year-olds to do that.