What’s the largest animal you’ve ever hit with a car?

What’s the age you thought you’d be when you’d get married? Now subtract the number of children you thought you’d have by now.

How old were you when you last believed in God?

Where were you when you found out that your parents’ marriage was an absolute sham?

What was the AIM screenname of the girl who bullied you in middle school?

According to Web MD, what obscure, self-diagnosed disease will eventually kill you?

What is the name of the person at your high school who was cast as Maria in The Sound of Music when you were Chorus Member #15?

Where do you keep the ashes of your deceased pets?

What’s the name of the discount hotel chain where you caught your partner cheating on you?

What’s the worst investment you’ve ever made — emotionally speaking, of course.

What’s the worst way you’ve let your grandparents down?

Which part of your body does your mother criticize the most?