I, the undersigned, acknowledge the risks involved in the Flash Mob Proposal that my boyfriend, Tyler Belson (“Tyler”), is planning to spring on me. I knowingly accept the risks, and hereby waive, release, and covenant not to sue Tyler, his brother Jamie, his friend Roy, or any of the Craigslist strangers that Tyler enlisted to fill out the flash mob. I do so regardless of any and all injury, property damage, or mental anguish that may result from the Flash Mob Proposal.

I also waive my right to sue on behalf of any injured grandparents whom Tyler may have recruited into the flash mob in spite of their serious heart condition(s).

I understand that the Flash Mob Proposal could involve, but is not limited to: lip-syncing, breakdancing, harlem shakes, skydiving, scuba diving, people disguised as scenery, LARPing, zombies, mobs, and angry mobs.

I understand that the Flash Mob Proposal could take place at any point within the Proposal Window, a period of time which started once the relationship entered its third year and continues now indefinitely.

I acknowledge that, now that we have entered the Proposal Window, an engagement ring could be hidden in any piece of food I eat.

If another party proposes via flash mob (Third Party Proposal) within the Proposal Window, I agree that Tyler has three months to match said proposal, both with respect to size and choreography.

I understand that the above-mentioned Third Party Proposal could actually be part of Tyler’s Flash Mob Proposal.

I understand that the Flash Mob Proposal will be videotaped. I grant all rights of the video to Tyler, and waive all claims to any potential YouTube revenue that may result from the video going viral after Jamie breaks his leg skydiving while harlem shaking.

In preparation for the video, I agree to wear a GoPro at all times during the Proposal Window. If I fail to keep the GoPro battery charged, and the Flash Mob Proposal takes place while it is not charged, I understand that the Flash Mob Proposal will have to be repeated, and I agree to cover any expenses involved in doing so.

By signing below, I am indicating that I fully understand these terms, accept all risks, and will say ‘yes’ regardless of how I actually feel about Tyler in order to save us both from public humiliation:

Signed March 28, 2016