Taking my inner child to a cat café.

Looking at pictures of myself from high school.

Watching TV shows that are TOO SAD. Then, watching something happy, followed by something moderately-sad to even the score.

Listening to my voicemails.

Using a Starbucks bathroom.

Processing the stage fright I get before saying my morning affirmations into the mirror.

Watching videos of birds doing stupid things.

Revisiting how I got to a space where all of my clothes are on the floor.

Determining if a problematic Facebook friend should be unfriended, unfollowed, or muted for 30 days.

Watching videos of birds doing smart things.

Writing a to-do list in the baroque, bullet-journal style that I know I will never complete.

Prepping for the zombie apocalypse by hoping I die before it happens.

Thinking about the circumstances under which I would purchase a bird.

Stream of consciousness journaling about how I’d like to ask my roommate to take their dishes out of the sink for four consecutive days before getting the courage to ask them to do it “when they have time.”

Trying to convince myself to go to sleep after I’ve gotten my second wind at midnight.

Wondering if it would be worse to be killed by a zombie or by a cassowary bird.

Checking my bank account balance.