A plane leaving the New York area crashes into the Hudson, but not a single other plane crashed into the Hudson that day.

The guy who landed the plane, this guy Sullenberger, just happened to be a pilot.

We’ve all heard of American Airlines, but US Airways?

Before the landing, passengers heard four loud booms coming from the right engine. You know what else makes boom noises? Police Academy‘s Michael Winslow. Where was Michael Winslow that day? And, while we’re at it, what happened to the guy who played Commandant Lassard?

The Hudson just so happened to be full of water, making the landing feasible. A little too convenient?

One engine was still missing days after the accident, yet there’s one place reporters never bothered to look: Sullenberger’s house.

Following the accident, US Airways stock shot up 13 percent. You know who works for that company? The pilot and crew of Flight 1549.

Sullenberger’s father was a dentist and his mother was a grade-school teacher. Coincidence?

Fact: Tickets to the presidential inauguration were nearly impossible to get. Fact: Sullenberger somehow obtained tickets … from the president-elect of the United States.

Sullenberger just happened to be an experienced glider pilot and just happened to be over a body of water with no engine power that day. Coincidence?

The passengers are said to have escaped on rafts. That actually seems to hold up.

Add up the middle numbers in Flight 1549 and you get 9. Add 8 to the 1 and you also get 9. Now flip over the 999 and you get 666. Add up those numbers and you get 18. Coincidence?

Oh, by the way, it turns out that George “Commandant Lassard” Gaynes is scheduled to appear in Police Academy 8 in 2011. It’s true. Check IMDb.

A hundred and fifty-five people wanted to go to Charlotte? Really?