Every atom of my blood, form’d in the soil of this earth, runs hot
As I wheel through this snaked monster of steel, The Steamin’ Demon.

O shit! Holy shit! I was not expecting that loop de loop. Woah!
Anyways. Still joined are we, in this melded wagon of thrill,
As action-seekers and comrades who—

What the fuck was that? That turn was most unnatural and jerky.
I suppose that last maneuver was tailored for the most crazed thrill junkies aboard.
Swift sweeping clusters of revelation! Plunging into pockets of the earth’s belly, and
Shooting up into the blue and white woven infinity of the sky! How I—

Fuck ME! These loopy loops are IN-SANE. Whooey! Wahooey! Gliding at breakneck speed
Through this mazy Demon was alone worth the price of an all-inclusive day pass,
A cost so steep, it quite nearly outstrips the plummet I am thundering down at present! Whoo!

The fire in my breast, is the same fire that burns in the womb of the stars,
The very fire which excites the passion of young children, most notably those two kids
Sitting in the front row of this crazy train—I see you up there! Whoop! Whoop!

Sweet passion! What a corkscrew—to feel as if being unplugged from the wine
Of the universe and spilling forth unto the celestial oceans from whence we sprang.

I’m going to shit my pants if that’s a water park over there. Divinity intervene, hurl me
From this mirage! Excuse me, fellow rider, do you know if this day pass is good
For the water park?