Welcome to the online home of Belinda’s Private Equity Immersion Daycare, a Silicon Valley institution. Our philosophy is simple: kids who can properly manage debt-to-income-ratios are more likely to reach their full market potential as adults. At BPEID, we believe in partnering with children, not investors, to create an asset-rich environment where the basics of private equity can be learned via osmosis.

BPEID was established in 2006 when Belinda J. Applebaum, then a junior partner at Treestone Capital and the token female on several corporate boards, left a successful career in finance to pursue her dream of helping youngsters maximize their pre-tax income. She acquired a majority position in Tiny Angels Daycare and immediately ushered the company through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Thanks to a generous pre-negotiated management fee and a profitable capital equipment auction (slides, cubbies, sippy cups), Belinda was able to found BPEID and turn it into the Montessori-based, multimillion-dollar organization it is today.

The schedule of activities here varies based on the unique needs and capabilities of the children. BPEID kids come from a diverse set of backgrounds: venture capital, investment banking, and of course, private equity. On a given day, we may begin with a crash course in debt waterfalls before moving on to macroeconomic thesis development. Or maybe we start with a proxy battle simulation—there’s just no telling! A three-martini lunch is offered at noon, and then it’s naptime, followed by merger play.

As a result of the recent economic downturn, we are now able to offer a 3:1 ratio of children to MBA’s. All of our staff members are both CPR- and CPA-certified and have undergone an extensive background check to ensure they have a minimal history of white-collar crime.

Full-time tuition is $5,000 a month, plus eight carry points. To schedule a first-round interview for your child, please download the 17-page form below.