Dear Customers,

Like many of you, we woke up on November 9 to an America we didn’t recognize. But what could we do? After all, we’re only a cozy gastropub, armed with nothing more than innovative recipes focused on locally sourced ingredients, a cocktail bar fully stocked with hundred of unique spirits, and a large heated patio.

But something inside of us told us we had to act. After much soul-searching and frank discussion with our loved ones about what our responsibility is to stand up to the authoritarian regime of a racist, sexist, xenophobic demagogue who threatens to undermine every American value we hold so dearly, we’ve made up our minds. We’re doing it: We’re offering half-priced flatbreads until 5 PM.

Did Rosa Parks give up in the face of hardship? Did Gandhi? Or Malala? No, they held fast and defended their beliefs. These heroes are just some of the many brave men and women on a long list of those who have endured adversity and fought for justice. Today, you may add another name to that list: Sus·te·nance, An Urban Brasserie.

Our team thought carefully about how we could make the biggest impact. Donating leftover food to reduce waste? Paying our staff a living wage? Something with veterans? But no, ultimately, we realized we would be derelict in our duty if we did anything short of offering a generous discount on each and every one of our artisanal flatbreads.

The President may be doing everything in his power to strip funding for PBS and the NEA, but too bad, because these flatbreads are works of art. We start with a perfectly crispy multigrain crust, made from scratch and then — whether or not Drumpf likes it — we top it with a variety of natural, farm-fresh ingredients. Sorry, President Cheeto!

Make your voice heard by placing an order consistent with your values. Outraged by Trump’s heartless travel ban? Stand up for tolerance by ordering The Bar None, featuring ingredients from each of the six unjustly targeted Muslim-majority nations, including a delicate mixture of Syrian olives, Persian onion, and a dash of the Yemeni spice mix hawaij.

Worried about Trump’s unprecedented conflicts of interest? Try our newest creation, made with a rich, creamy white sauce and hand-torn watercress. That’s right, white sauce and watercress — we know you’ll want to try The 2-Ws as badly as we want Trump to release his W-2s.

Terrified by Trump’s attacks on women’s rights? You’ll love The Grab ’Em by the Pizza, which is topped with a single egg, treated with the dignity it deserves and lightly poached.

You can also spread the word about how you’re helping us take a stand. Make sure to check in on your favorite social media platform and post about your dining/resisting experience with an activist hashtag, like #LoveTrufflesHate, #GarlicKnotMyPresident, or #NeverthelessSheProsciuttoed.

We know the road ahead won’t be easy. Many will say we shouldn’t “get political,” and should instead simply stick to providing modern twists on traditional dishes in a relaxed, refined atmosphere. But we cannot sit idly by as so many of our fellow Americans fear that their civil rights will be taken away. This is our solemn promise: We support our community, with unwavering resolve, any time before the dinner rush.

So keep fighting the good fight, and we’ll be right there next to you. Together, we can #resist President Trump, even if you can’t resist our delicious flatbreads.