Blondie: You have made a prank call with a Speak ’n Spell.

Talking Heads: You have read several books while jogging.

Spandau Ballet: You know what Rolfing is.

Happy Mondays: You have accidentally put hand sanitizer on a hot dog.

Sugarcubes: You have had several marshmallow burns in hard-to-reach places.

Blow Monkeys: You have accidentally braided a stranger’s hair.

Modern English: Your clock radio smells like lotion and barbecue sauce.

The The: You have eaten cereal out of a hubcap or helmet.

Echo and the Bunnymen: You have put a Han Solo toy on top of a Princess Leia toy.

Talk Talk: You have put a Princess Leia toy on top of a Boba Fett toy.

Einstürzende Neubauten: You have put a Snake Eyes toy on top of a Cobra Commander toy.

Kraftwerk: You know what UNESCO stands for.

Love and Rockets: You have stored gummy worms in an empty tape case.

Night Ranger: You have temporarily blinded a guinea pig with a laser pointer.

Bon Jovi: You have smoked a rolled-up bus transfer.

Dokken: You have thrown up in a tuba or trombone.

Ratt: You have accidentally snorted a line of Cascade.

WASP: You have snorted several lines of Cascade on purpose.

Stryper: You think Stryper is WASP.

Sisters of Mercy: You have tried to freeze a bag of cigarette smoke.

The Church: You have drawn a face on an apple or orange with a Sharpie.

Kate Bush: You have worn snow boots and a bikini at the same time.

Gloria Estefan: You have mixed a daiquiri in a hotel-room vase.

Billy Ocean: You have repaired a bongo drum with duct tape.

Cinderella: You have played basketball with a deflated kickball.

Taylor Dayne: You have eaten an entire jar of maraschino cherries in one sitting.

Haircut 100: You have killed a moth with a badminton racquet.

George Michael: You have brushed a cat with a ping-pong paddle.

Coil: You have a geode on your desk or bedside table.

’Til Tuesday: You can draw a star in LOGO.

Laurie Anderson: You can draw a cat playing a mandolin in LOGO.

Jan Hammer: You have had a body part other than your hand stuck in a vending machine.

Zapp & Roger: Your favorite candy bar is Big Hunk.

Christopher Cross: You have made a necklace out of strawberry Charleston Chews.

Rockwell: You have eaten more than thirty Circus Peanuts in one sitting.

The Power Station: You have temporarily fused your jaw shut with a Milk Dud or Now & Later.

Lita Ford: You have made out with someone who was dressed as Barbarella or Ms. Pac-Man.

Whitesnake: You have thrown a dirt clod at an ice cream truck.

Guns ’n Roses: You have caught air on a tricycle.

Autograph: You have hit a piece of fruit with a baseball bat.

Oingo Boingo: You own a piece of clothing made entirely out of elastic.

Was (Not Was): You own a piece of clothing made entirely out of feathers.

Bow Wow Wow: You have used the corner of a Guatemalan blanket as a coffee filter.

Kenny Loggins: You have filled every square on a Lite Brite.

Olivia Newton-John: You have broken up with someone via Lite Brite.

The Knack: You have burned your lips kissing a Lite Brite.

Adam Ant: You have spilled Rumple Minze on an algebra test.

Alphaville: You have inadvertently fantasized about Mega Man.

Level 42: You have written and destroyed several pages of Kid Icarus fan fiction.

Tom Tom Club: You have fought off a seagull or crow with a messenger bag.

Squeeze: You have had several hats stolen by dogs.

Cabaret Voltaire: You have cut the hood off a sweatshirt while trying to cut your own hair.

Poison: You have quit a job via Yahoo Messenger.

Motley Crüe: You have tackled a dog into a patch of iceplant.

Great White: You have spilled Mr. Pibb on a mascot costume.

Heaven 17: You have eaten wedding cake and Jagermeister as a meal.

Fine Young Cannibals: You have accidentally swallowed a Lego head.

Debbie Gibson: You have taken a birth-control pill with Zima.

Quiet Riot: You have ridden a tricycle like a skateboard for over a mile.

Skid Row: You have thrown a tricycle at a departing bus.

Exposé: You have put out a menthol cigarette in a bottle of Crystal Light.

Tiffany: You have put out a grease fire with Crystal Pepsi.

Lipps Inc.: You have lost a mood ring in a deep fryer.

Yello: You have dropped a cordless phone into a deep fryer.

Trio: You have kicked a Hacky Sack into a deep fryer.

Plimsouls: You have dropped a handful of Micro Machines into a deep fryer.

Juice Newton: You have accidentally fried a large part of your sleeve or hair.

Vangelis: You have poured Malibu rum over instant oatmeal.

Enya: You have sprinkled bath salts on popcorn.

Def Leppard: You have used a package of lunch meat as a pillow.

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