“I did not come to play with you hoes.”
— Big Freedia, Beyoncé’s “Formation”

- - -

1. Please notify the hoes that I am here and they will not be played with.

2. I’m here. I’ll be over there not playing with you hoes as I’ve previously warned I did not come to do.

3. Excuse me, I understand there are some hoes here. If so, I did not come to play with them.

4. Yes, there are hoes here. They were played with? Not by me! That is not what I came here for!

5. Hoes! Play! But not with me. I’m not here for that!

6. I’ve arrived. I will be working while the hoes play without me.

7. Are the hoes playing? Without me? Good. That is not why I came here.

8. Hoes who I did not come to play with, I’m here!

9. Playtime… for hoes. But not for people who did not come here for that, like me.

10. There are people who came to play with you hoes and there are people who did not. I came here to be the latter, not the former.

11. You are hoes. You are playing. And I did not come here to join you.

12. I knew there would be hoes, I knew there would be playing, and I knew there was a possibility of hoes playing, so upon my realization that I was coming here, I prepared an agenda that does not include me participating in any of those things.

13. Look, we’re all hoes. The only difference is you’re playing and I did not come here for that.