A heartwarming tale, as society’s most deserving and successful people escape adversity and the poor are accordingly punished for their laziness.

The Godfather
After stubbornly refusing to follow in his father’s footsteps for years, Michael Corleone finally does what’s right and joins the wildly successful family business.

High Noon
Marshal Will Kane unconstitutionally interferes with a group of proud gun owners’ long-awaited reunion.

Private eye Jake “J.J.” Gittes tries to uncover a vast government conspiracy, but instead threatens a man’s right to love as he pleases.

Reservoir Dogs
A meddling, undercover government officer endangers a group of fearless entrepreneurs.

Enterprising nightclub owner Rick Blaine makes huge profits off WWII refugees, only to tragically throw away all he’s worked for and become involved in the French Resistance.

It’s a Wonderful Life
Brilliant titan of industry Mr. Potter suffers while George Bailey is rewarded for his business failures.

Members of the liberal media work to destroy the nation’s precious freedom of religion.

Groundhog Day
Valuable taxpayer money is wasted on celebrating a pointless holiday for eternity.

All the earth’s resources are successfully consumed thanks to a lack of environmental regulations.

Taxi Driver
One heroic New York City cabbie avoids mental health treatment that would jeopardize his free will, and instead valiantly takes on the justice system, politicians, and a slow-moving government bureaucracy.

Blade Runner
When private sector innovation isn’t hindered by silly ethical constraints, one trailblazing corporation is able to invent robots that are indistinguishable from humans.

Saving Private Ryan
The overbearing American government yet again finds itself interfering in European affairs.

Small business owner Norman Bates’ personal life is made miserable after a snooping customer leads to yet another needless taxpayer-funded police investigation.

The Wizard of Oz
The communist Lollipop Guild threatening the Land of Oz is utterly ignored.