1. Episode 3: Antoni is teaching an adorkable longshoreman named Manfried how to make crème fraiche from scratch. As Antoni stirs the buttermilk, his eyes glaze over and he begins sweating profusely. After standing impossibly still and not blinking for eighteen seconds, he sprints off camera, repeatedly screaming the phrase, “Coulomb’s Law is a fallacy! Aha!”

2. Episode 7: During a scene transition, Antoni gives Tan a playful back massage. They both laugh with glee, but suddenly Antoni’s upper lip begins to twitch uncontrollably and he whispers something unintelligible into Tan’s ear, prompting the response: “Isotopes? What are you talking — the cathode what?”

3. Episode 5: Antoni is perusing the dilapidated cupboard of Wynn, an out-of-work oboist, when he exclaims, “Look at this — an unopened jar of ground cumin! I can tell Wynn has the desire to cook for himself, but — wait a second… if one could sufficiently increase the density of palladium hydride, then the sky’s the limit!”

4. Episode 8: The Fab Five watches a live feed of Alfred, a heartbroken garbage collector, successfully roasting ginger shichimi lamb chops. In a moment of pure joy, Antoni drops his champagne glass and exclaims, “Of course! The Mössbauer effect!”

5. Episode 1: Antoni introduces himself to the audience for the first time, saying: “Hi, I’m Antoni, your Food Expert, and I’m realizing right now that the Fleischmann–Pons experiment, though fundamentally flawed, could very well have been successful if atmospheric pressure could have been increased adequately enough to bring the deuterons closer together.”

6. In Episode 2: Jonathan is describing to Luke, a widower/high school social studies teacher, why a high-and-tight works for his head shape. Antoni sits in the background, out of focus, tinkering with an electrolysis cell. Just before Jonathan begins trimming Luke’s sideburns, Antoni begins giggling like a child and chanting, “Repulsion forces! Repulsion forces!”

7. In Episode 4: Antoni is showing off his recipe for spicy chipotle vegan nachos to the Fab Five, when he cuts his index finger open with a paring knife. Instead of applying pressure to the wound, Antoni begins obsessively writing mathematical formulas on the granite countertop in his own blood and muttering under his breath about the Nernst equation as the rest of the group calls for a medic.