• Poncho (South American kind, not plastic)

• Broken mirror shard for shaving and wincing at withering appearance

• American flag bandanna

• 800 lbs Flour

• 200 lbs Sugar

• 25 lbs Salt & Pepper

• 200 lbs Beans

• 700 lbs Bacon

Survivorman: The Complete First Season on DVD

• Abandoned armored truck with full tank of gas (U-Haul also OK)

• Private fortress island in the Caribbean w/ submarine bay

• Pair of Crocs (original green)

• View-Master with the following 3-D picture reels: Hawaiian Hula Dancers II, Colonial Williamsburg, The Beverly Hillbillies, Animals of the Belgian Congo and Windmills of Holland

• Crude torch

• Skinny jeans (finally!)