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Sloan Schang

Spotify Social Updates From Dickensian England (11/13/2012)

Your Instagram Horoscope (9/6/2012)

Please Help the Ecopod Habitat Biotel by Marriott in Our Efforts to Conserve (11/2/2011)

List: Other Adages for Sailors (7/12/2011)

List: Additional Improvements to the Coors Light “Cold Activated” Beer Can (6/23/2011)

List: Initial Pop Offerings (6/9/2011)

A Post-Rapture Survival Checklist (5/23/2011)

List: Roles I Imagine I am Auditioning for When I Shop at Whole Foods (5/12/2011)

List: Less Popular Olan Mills Portrait Studio Backgrounds (3/31/2011)

Circumstances Under Which I Would Enjoy Whale Watching (11/5/2010)

Small Talks (10/18/2010)

List: Mildly Upsetting Fortune-Cookie Messages (12/1/2004)

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