In the Elevator

Employee 1: Monday joke.
Employee 2: Ha ha.
Employee1: Weekend?
Employee 2: Weekend. Weekend?
Employee 1: Weekend.
Employee 2: Slow elevator joke.
Employee 1: Sigh.

- - -

Buying Lunch at the Food Cart

Customer: Weather joke!
Server: Ha ha ha!
Customer: Ha ha ha!
Server: Weather complaint.
Customer: Additional weather complaint.
(Homeless man runs by wearing pants over head.)
Customer: Job market joke!
Server: Ha ha ha!

- - -

In the Taxi Coming From the Airport

Driver: Destination?
Passenger: Destination.
Driver: Destination! Hometown?
Passenger: Hometown.
Driver: Surprise! Hometown anecdote.
Passenger: Pretends to check voice mail.

- - -

Buying Coffee

Customer: Background music?
Barista: Whatever.
Customer: Tattoo compliment.
Barista: Mumble.
Customer: Overly enthusiastic goodbye.
Barista: Eye roll.

- - -

At the Barbershop

Barber: Fishing?
Customer: Medical problem.
Barber: Related medical problem.
Customer: A more serious related medical problem.
Barber: Silence.
Customer: Silence.
Barber: Local sports joke!
Customer: Ha ha ha!

- - -

In the Veterinarian’s Waiting Room

Dog Owner 1: Good Dog!
Dog Owner 2: Good Dog!
Dog Owner 1: Dog age?
Dog Owner 2: Dog age. Gender correction. Dog age?
Dog Owner 1: Dog age.
Dog Owner 2: Surprise! Dog food?
Dog Owner 1: Dog food.
Cat Owner: Whispers to cat.