gummy substances

The French were desperate

He is a.) boring, dull, difficult to talk to; b.) unattractive; c.) a terrible dancer


All sardines can swim

People taunted Hank because his arms hung practically to the ground

silver paws of the dog

Answers may vary. Dave probably had a tumor

As there is no future for them, the most logical conclusion would be for them all to die — which they do, including the narrator

He whipped her

He was shot by a Scotch half-breed

Banana, 0; compact disc, 1; Halloween mask, answers may vary

The woman swerved to avoid it; the truck driver swerved to hit it

In a shell-hole

A.) Double-Time Charlie or Swifty; B.) He dances vigorously

Yellow hibiscus; candlenut; Hawaiin goose

The words “He is not anxious. Anxious about what?” hint that the man, in fact, should be worried.

A whale (some students may be unable to supply this answer).

No, there are not enough atoms in the universe to support such mass mailings.