armstrongs (n.)
musical notes in the upper register, high trumpet notes.

barbecue (n.)
the girlfriend, a beauty.

cups (n.)
sleep. Ex. “I gotta catch some cups.”

dracula (n.)
something in a class by itself.

frisking the whiskers (v.)
what the cats do when they are warming up for a swing session.

got your boots on
you know what it is all about, you are a hep cat, you are wise.

got your glasses on
you are ritzie or snooty, you fail to recognize your friends, you are up-stage.

hard (adj.)
fine, good. Ex. “That’s a hard tie you’re wearing.”

igg (v.)
to ignore someone. Ex. “Don’t igg me!”

jitter bug (n.)
a swing fan; formerly a person addicted to “jitter sauce” (liquor).

knock (v.)
to obtain (see collar). Ex. “I’m gonna knock me some food.”

licking the chops (v.)
see “frisking the whiskers.”

mess (n.)
something good. Ex. “That last drink was a mess.”

neigho pops
nothing doing, pal.

orchestration (n.)
an overcoat.

pigeon (n.)
a young girl.

ruff (n.)
quarter, twenty-five cents.

set of seven brights (n.)
one week.

trilly (v.)
to leave, depart. Ex. “Well, I guess I’ll trilly.”

unhip (adj.)
not wise to the jive; an icky, a jeff, a square.

v-8 (n.)
a chick who spurns company, is independent, is not amenable.

yeah, man
an exclamation of assent.