Unfortunately, I am still in Pittsburgh.

Find me at Yahoo. Please do not mention anything about mormons!

I plan on doing some design work but my focus will always be on the fine arts I produce.

First off for all you wondering I am not a nun.

How my spouse and I met: My cousin had her friend pick me up from detention.


I check my e-mail every few days. If you want more, it’s up to you.

We are getting married in October 2002, much to his family’s displeasure.

I was a drag queen for about two years, and I thought that I was gay. But I am not!

If you didn’t like me, then I could care less if you’re even reading this, let alone what you think.

I’m always interested in seeing where/how everyone is doing, how many kids you now have, how many marriages you’ve been through, and how we each individually feed off one another’s miserable existence in life.

I am now in New York City, living the turbulent and courageous life of a professional actor and playwright.

I don’t have wife. But I got my son. That all it matter. (I love to play golf and I’m pretty good.)

I have not yet married, but I am still with the father of my children.

Then after a rather embarrassing CB Radio conversation, we had set up our first date.

I guess the most important thing is that I am happy and spanking more ass than ever.