Dear White House Writing Staff,

We love what you’ve done so far with Season 1. We think this is shaping up to be a truly unique season of television. Mr. Trump, as always, is an enigmatic yet captivating character. A couple thoughts so far.

We feel like things are progressing a little too fast. Can we find a few more steps? It seems like we’re just burning through plot, and there are far too many storylines to keep track of. Is the mission of the week to build a wall? To ban Muslims? To buy bigger gloves? Please focus one or two to keep the narrative tension building to a roiling boil.

While there has been a lot of really tense back and forth (which we love), we feel that the main character is taking on so many people at once, it’s hard to develop a solid antagonist. Are we supposed to feel like Mr. Trump is at odds with Muslims? Women? Minorities? Atheists? American Business? Democracy? SNL and late-night shows? It’s very hard to track. Please consider stripping out a few antagonists and focusing on just one (or two at most).

Finally, this might be more of a directorial note, but looking at the dailies, it feels like a few of our characters are on script and a few are far too off script. We are unclear. Is this a Curb Your Enthusiasm improv thing? Or, are we doing a fully-scripted piece? This is particularly troublesome in new fan favorites Conway, Spicer and Trump himself. At times, their dialogue serves to confuse previously established story arcs. Please consider clarifying and consolidating, but as always, if you are building to something big, please feel free to ignore these notes—we know you will.

Wendy LOVES the SNL feuds. Lean into that if possible.

Looking forward to the next one,
Chris Sachs,
SVP of WTF Happened to My Country Productions