“Hardwired” – lavender, black pepper, humanity moving inexorably toward self-destruction

“Ride the Lightning” – lemon, currant, that final thrill before death finally overtakes you, nutmeg

“Dream No More” – orange peel, raisin, an all-consuming abyss of eternal madness from which you may never return, clove


“Fuel” – hazelnut, ginger, gasoline, fire, desire

“Motorbreath” – smoke, cardamom, probably death

“Battery” – almond, lunacy, violence — THESE HANDSDEAR GOD, WHAT HORROR HATH I WROUGHT THROUGH THESE HANDS? — elderberry


“Broken, Beat, and Scarred” – a lifetime of pain and anguish, cedar, vanilla, cinnamon

“Enter Sandman” – maple, herbs, our darkest nightmares realized as we lie paralyzed in terror, cacao

“Blackened” – chocolate, charcoal, our inevitable destruction along with the crushing weight of eternal nothingness