1. Mary Ann Spier
She’s scared of everything! A natural! As host of Spier for Fears, Mary Ann proves to be a true crime ingénue (co-host Tigger inspires much fan art).

2. Kristy Thomas
Everyone’s patron saint of #girlboss will host, direct, and produce Krushing Crime with Kristy.

3. Stacey McGill
As a New Yorker, Stacey McGill is practically a hardened criminal already by the time she starts Taking a Bite out of Crime in the Big Apple (sponsored by Diabetes Treaties, snack alternatives delivered straight to your door, use code ILUVNY for 20% off your first order).

4. Abby Stevenson
She will make insensitive jokes and is 100% going to have to apologize in next week’s intro of Gettin’ Gabby + Stabby With Abby.

5. Dawn Schafer
Dawn of the Dead focuses exclusively on beachy blonde California Coast murders, and is quickly the darling of the goop at Sea celebrity cruise lecture circuit.

6. Mallory Pike
If it’s not horse murder, Mallory don’t give a fuck.

7. Shannon Kilbourne
Shannon doesn’t care enough to do podcasting full-time, but if she did, she’d call it Bourne to Kil With Shannon Kilbourne.