A Fistfull Of Fern
Good Guys Wear Cranberry
Pop Goes The Evil
Soft Boiled
Run Away!

Fact Checker on Fact Checker Crime
Exit The Dragon
The Programmerator
Rinse & Repeat

Walking Stout
Shelf Life
The Good, The Bad, and Their Attorneys
If I Was Twenty Years Younger
Head In The Sand

Take That!
Fists For Fun
Buy Hard
Some Like Spats
Crush, Kill, Decorate

Inaction Jackson
Frosty the Hit Man
Pardon Our Appearance While We Kill
Lawrence Of Accounting
The Guppy

The Number Crunchers
Lard Target
Defer To Superiors
Lie Down With Lemmings
I’m Saying It For The First Time

Feet of Fungus
Poke Hard
Kung-Food Fighting
Mission Possible
The Road Worrier

A Fistful Of Gumballs
Easy Does It
The Octogenarian
The Pen IS Mightier Than The Sword

The Loan Ranger
Hell’s Smells
Two Guys, a Girl, and One Stick of Gum
Less Is More
Black Belt Brown Shoes

Rock Paper Scissors
Let’s Share
Dr. Floss
The Ungentleman

The Red Badge Of Hilfiger
Never A Borrower Or Lender Be
Tough Cheese
Male Pattern Badass
A Wedgie Too Far