“I’ve identified faster moving dynamic regions by determining the spatio-temporal connectivity, extent and trajectory for locally dynamic spatial locations whose position has shifted from one time period to the next than that swing!”

“The extra-tropical mid-latitude cyclone just called! It wants its horizontal gradient in temperature and dew point back along with its horizontal convective rolls that develop with cumulus cloud line!!”

“You couldn’t hit a noctilucent cloud if you fell off a planetary wave flux entering the winter stratosphere from the troposphere!”

“Whew! The breeze from that swing supersedes underlying weather indices like temperature, precipitation, and solar radiation associated with a pronounced discontinuity owing to increased convergence and subsequent frontogenesis!”

“Did you get that swing from Benny Goodman?! Or the force updraft region between two counter-rotating boundary layer convections?”

“Someone get the ointment –- this guy just got burned more than anthropogenic activity is heating up the global temperature to create the expansion of subtropical deserts and a rise in sea levels!!”

“NEXRAD just called –- it wants its Doppler-driven detailed kinematic synthesis of the wind fields back!”