We launched Print Lovers Magazine over ten years ago with one simple mission statement:

“We aim to celebrate and preserve print media over the digital and non-physical. Pages are meant to be turned, not scrolled; books meant to be held, not reduced to megabytes. Print Lovers Magazine is a niche gift to all lovers of print culture.”

Our mission statement remains unchanged to this day, and we’re forever committed to reaching wider audiences. For that reason, and also as the result of a few financial strains, Print Lovers Magazine is going digital!

While we’re sad to discontinue the print edition of Print Lovers Magazine, we’re very excited to see how the advantages of digitizing will benefit our publication. First and foremost, going web-only will bring about a whole new world of ad sales opportunities, making it easier to fund this publication that we cherish so dearly. Additionally, by discontinuing the print edition of Print Lovers Magazine, we’re going green! We’re proud of this more-environmentally friendly approach to publishing, and we hope our readers will feel the same way. We do anticipate that some of our readers might find the transition jarring, but to reiterate—we have not abandoned our ethos. We are still 100% dedicated to fighting the threat that the Internet poses to print media, and we feel it will be easier to fight that threat from within via a website.

We promise that this new change will not affect the actual content of Print Lovers Magazine. We will still be providing the same level of quality content that we have for over a decade to our readers—our readers who know that cracking open a new book will always be more satisfying that holding a tablet; that flipping through a fresh newspaper will always be a more satisfying way to get your news than typing in a URL address; that print is forever and digital literature will come and go. We will however begin dabbling in more list-based articles.

There are only a few things we ask of our readers: We of course encourage you as print media devotees to please print out all Print Lovers Magazine articles from the website and read them in hard-copy form rather than reading them on your computer. Also, please take the time to click a few of the sponsored ads. This will keep our sponsors happy, and will therefore keep the money rolling in. If you find that you are indeed interested in a sponsor’s service, please print each page of their website individually. Consuming goods and services just isn’t the same on a computer as it is on a nice, still-warm paper printout of every page of a website.

Unfortunately, with this transition, some downsizing is necessary, but many of our Print Lovers Magazine writers have agreed to take programming and web design courses and we may be able to retain up to 25% of our writing staff by moving them to our web department.

Thank you for your continued readership, and we hope you’re excited about the future of our magazine. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the features in next month’s Print Lovers Magazine, available exclusively on our website:

  • 25 Things Only Print Media Purists Will Understand
  • 12 GIFs That Explain Why Electronic Literature is a Fad
  • 30 Amazing DIY Bookshelf Ideas That Will Remind You Why You Love Hard-Copy Literature
  • One Author Spoke Out Against the Threat That Clickbait Poses to Literature: What Happened Next Will Shock You
  • You Can’t Smell A Website: 5 Things Books Do For Your Senses That Websites Can’t (Slideshow)
  • 20 Reasons Why Saving Print Media is More Important Than Saving a Couple of Trees (Slideshow)
  • (Sponsored Article) Can Print Publications Survive On Reader Donations Only? In the Most Uncertain of Times, We Say “Yes” (Brought to you by Jack Link’s Beef Jerky)

- - -

NOTE: If you have any questions or concerns, we can now for the first time ever be contacted by e-mail at DigitalCommunicationSucks@PrintLovers.com but we much prefer a nice handwritten, stamped letter. We no longer have an office so please scan all handwritten letters and email them as an image file.