Alexis Texas ($57.12)

Hennessey Tennessee ($32.86)

Babushka Nebraska ($475.12; her fan base is in the Ukraine)

Louise Louisiana (a small bucket of chum)

Marianne Massachusetts (a lock of Brad Delp’s hair)

Björk New York (a fluorescent blouse featuring a swan)

Sophia Ohio (a nice dinner with the in-laws where your father-in-law picks up the check but asks you to leave the tip as a gesture)

Hillary Illinois (a small donation to her campaign for junior-class treasurer at Piedmont High)

Kansas Couric (a decent story for her school newspaper about a local supermarket that refuses to offer a choice between paper and plastic)

Winnie Wyoming (a 12-inch LP record from one of the Judds, it doesn’t matter which one, but Naomi is preferred)

Mame Maine (a large hat with excessive plumage)

Adriana Indiana (your opinion on a matter of local politics, along with an egg roll)