ECON 212: Fluctuations in the Buillon market

ENGL 442: Post-structuralist Decay and the Hermeneutics of Land-lubbing

ENGL 515: Lawless Scallywags and Counter-hegemonic Narratives

LING 224: Sign and signifier: Chomsky on Arrrrr

LING 310: Semiotics of the Jolly Roger

MATH 348: Game Theory and the Albatross

MED 458: Extemporaneous Prosthetics: Pegs and Hooks

PHIL 360: Epistemology of Davy Jones Locker

PHIL 390: Dancing the Hempen Jig: The Ethics of Capital Punishment

PHYS 220: Directional Combustion and Projectile Motion

PLSC 216: Filthy Bilge Rats: the Aleatory Class System on the High Seas

REL 336: Yam Gods of the Barbary Coast

SOC 212: All Hands on Deck: a Marxist Approach to Piracy and Leadership

SOC 469: Captain Jack and Captain Jim: Heteronormativity and the Modern Pirate

SOC 740: A Post-feminist Approach to the Mayor’s Daughter