From the studios behind Johnny Depp as Tonto, Jake Gyllenhall as Prince of Persia, Tilda Swinton as a Tibetan sorcerer, Scarlett Johansson as a Japanese human-cyborg, and Leonardo DiCaprio as Rumi…

- - -

Obama biopic
(working title: From the Hood to the White House)

- Focus on overcoming odds, ascending from single-parent household to pinnacle of power, navigating politics and race in a poisonously partisan Washington.

- Actor must be unifying, reassuring, presidential.

- Martin Sheen? Everyone loved him in The West Wing. Especially if we can get Allison Janney as Michelle, her ratings were great too.

- Sasha and Malia: Could we get the Olsen Twins to eat enough? Call their agent.

MLK reboot
(working title: My Dream is for Everyone, Not Just Black People)

- Selma was close but no cigar on the Oscar, didn’t have the star power; need a leader with a steady yet charismatic hand, bravery in the face of unrelenting threat, but approachable.

- Sean Connery? Too old, probably. Brad Pitt? People can get behind the guy who saved the world from zombies.

- Who’s the guy who plays a preacher in that new show on AMC. It’s actually called Preacher, right? Research further.

Tammy Duckworth
(working title: Senator/Vet/Patriot)

- That title! Nobody change that title!

- What is she, Hispanic? Asian? Research further.

- Need an actress who’s strong yet sexy, can play a double amputee.

- That Emma Stone did a crackup job as that Chinese-Hawaiian pilot in Aloha. Call her agent.

Prince biopic:
(working title: The Death of a Prince:
Purple Pain for Everyone, Not just Black People

- Sinewy sexuality, brazen musical genius, universal appeal.

- The Emma/Aloha note reminds me that Bradley Cooper would be a great choice. I love thought synergy!

David Bowie
(working title: Starman)

- Ask PC committee if we need to change this to Starperson to expand audience))

- Any number of Brits could play David, but we have to start thinking about Iman. Not enough talented black actresses out there who are tall enough. Plus she’s foreign. How about Angelina Jolie? She’s tall and has an accent, plus black hair. And she did a great job playing that journalist’s French-born, Dutch-Afro-Chinese-Cuban wife.

- So maybe Brad as Bowie, then?

Muhammad Ali
(working title: Float Like a Butterfly,
Sting like a Bee, Which, By the Way,
Does Not Have Only Black Stripes

- If we use Brad for Bowie, will he have time to bulk up for the Ali role? Or has it already been promised to Hugh Jackman? Call Jackman’s agent.

Malalla Youseffi (sp?)
(Working Title: People Lucky Enough to Live in a Country
That Doesn’t Shoot You for Reading Should Be
Grateful and Stop Complaining

- The documentary is sputtering, not enough star power. Need young, recognizable star. Miley Cyrus? Taylor Swift? Selena Gomez: reach-out star. PC committee, olive branch, press release?

- Maybe pivot focus away from girl onto heroic educator who teaches her how to read. Peace Corps? Aid Worker?

- Meryl! Oscar gold!