Various houseplants in a shrimp pan sauce

The bottom half of a mouse with pizza grease

Rubber bands and hair ties in whole milk

Raw chicken juice reduction, from garbage

Window condensation, fish tank water, and one piece of kibble

Something crunchy we found on the floor at 3:00 a.m.

Whatever it is that the people eat

House flies and tuna au jus

Prescription food for a cat that isn’t you

One bite of a giant loaf of bread

Wooden table corners

The top half of a mouse, gently shredded

The cream cheese off a bagel


People skin after they just worked out

Plastic bag in gelatin and fish aspic

Sour cream and ground beef from a Taco Bell nacho bowl

Preprocessed dry kibble (vomited up by another cat)

Just gravy

Somehow even wetter gravy

A teaspoon of each of the six assorted traditional flavors of regular cat food