The sun rises over a picturesque tropical island. We hear birds in the distance and see images of the island’s iconic landscape: A volcano. The beach. And, most importantly, the coconut tree. The camera slowly pans down from the top, and we see our hero, a, at its trunk. He chuckles softly to himself while gazing up.

a: Hello, old friend.

CUT TO a and his best friend, b, strolling along the beach.

a: Today, b. It’s gotta be today.

b: You sure?

a: The weather is perfect. The troops are available. And I swear, b, I just can’t wait any longer.

a grabs b by the shoulders and turns him so that they’re facing each other.

a: It happens today. We are going to find out what’s at the top of that coconut tree.

Narrator (V.O.): This summer…

CUT TO a rallying the rest of the alphabet inside his clubhouse.

a: It might not be easy. It might not be safe. But if we work together and go up one at a time in alphabetical order, I guarantee you that all twenty-six of us can make it to the top of that coconut tree!

q: Even me?

a gazes dotingly at q and chuckles.

a: Yeah, little guy. Even you.

CUT TO a and b ’s fathers A and B having a tense discussion in their office.

B: Do you know what your son is up to right now?

A: My son is his own man.

B: He is rallying the whole alphabet to go on a suicide mission! You’ve got to put a stop to this!

A: Don’t you think I know that?! But my son has been obsessed with that coconut tree for years! Anything I say to discourage him is just going to make him want to go up it more! The only way he moves on…(A pauses and starts to choke up) is if he goes up that tree.

Narrator: … prepare to go on an adventure of dictionarial proportions…

CUT TO the alphabet gathering at the base of the coconut tree.

a: You ready?

Other letters: Yes!


Other letters: YES!!!!!!!


The letters break out into raucous cheering as a begins his ascent, quickly followed by b, c, and the rest of the alphabet.

Narrator: … as one letter finally achieves his dream…

CUT TO a and b at the top of the coconut tree.

a: Would you look at that view? It’s even more beautiful than I imagined.

b: I still can’t believe we’re really here.

Narrator: …only to see it turn into a nightmare.

a and b ’s peaceful moment is interrupted by a slight tremor that rapidly starts to increase in magnitude.

b: a… a, what’s going on?

Narrator: Chicka Chicka…

a: … oh no.

Narrator: BOOM BOOM! Coming to theaters everywhere in June.