We are thrilled to announce our annual Senior Superlatives! Celebrating excellence in multiple categories for the 359th consecutive year here at esteemed White Guy High School…

  • Most Likely to Use Being a Nerd In High School as Justification for Treating Women Badly When You’re an Adult Man
    (Michael Clark)
  • Most Likely to Upload a Photo of You On the Game of Thrones Throne and Another of You In Front of Angkor Wat to Your Dating Profiles
    (Owen Tallman)
  • Most Likely to Be Late to Everything But Have It Literally Never Negatively Affect Your Life Ever at All Because of Your Insane Level of Privilege
    (Matthew Gwinn)
  • Most Likely to Produce a Podcast Where You’re Just “Real”
    (Kyle Clark)
  • Most Likely to Claim You Do Not Have More Privilege Than Any Systematically Oppressed Group Because You “Have Some Student Loans”
    (Brian Callahan)
  • Most Likely to Yell at a Woman In a Bar Because She Doesn’t Know Who Bill Hicks Is
    (Brandon Rogers)
  • Most Likely to Say That Not Voting is Cool Because of a Mark Twain Quote
    (Dylan Tallman)
  • Most Likely to Post a Lengthy Facebook Status Telling People How They Should Feel About Sexual Assault, But Not Personally Reach Out to Any Actual Women In Your Life About It
    (Kevin Moore)
  • Most Likely to Throw a Benefit for Breast Cancer Awareness Month With the Sole Purpose of Getting Laid
    (Kyle Tallman, Jr.)
  • Most Likely to Claim to Know Which Street “THE BEST” Pho Restaurant is On
    (Kennedy Fairfax)

Congrats to all the wonderful students nominated this year! Thank you for voting! Have a great summer with your parents in Cape Cod!