At a restaurant in Rome, Liz (Julia Roberts), orders spaghetti carbonara, which is prepared without tomatoes. In the following scene they are served pasta with tomato sauce.

In the scene where Liz (Julia Roberts) and Richard (Richard Jenkins) are sharing a soda (Thumbs-up), from one angle, the two umbrellas in the drink are open. In another, they are closed.

While eating pizza margherita at a restaurant in Naples, Liz’s friend, Sophie (Tuva Novotny) complains of recently putting on twenty pounds and that her stomach now comes over the top of her pants. Liz (Julia Roberts) identifies this as a “muffin top” and claims to have one herself. Julia Roberts has never had a muffin top.

Liz (Julia Roberts) travels for a year with a single duffle bag for luggage, but somehow wears no fewer than sixty-seven perfectly coordinated outfits. At no point is the bag described as magically enchanted and capable of holding an unlimited number of items.

At the ashram in India, pilgrims are encouraged to improve their mental health and spiritual lives through a process of self-improvement of meditation and contemplation. This can actually only be achieved with anti-depressant pharmaceuticals.

When Liz (Julia Roberts) meets Felipe (Javier Bardem) in Bali, they engage in romantic flirtation without having sexual intercourse for at least three weeks. In reality, once Javier Bardem expresses romantic interest in someone, the duration until sexual intercourse is measured in minutes.

Throughout the movie, Liz (Julia Roberts) and others pray to God. There is no God.